My Story


I am a visual artist and I work in a small, light filled studio in my home located in Houston, Texas. My paintings fill the walls of my home gallery, as well as many homes in the United States and abroad.

Many of my paintings have been sold at exhibits or galleries. Although many new collectors of my art work often discover me through social media, including Facebook, Instragram, PInterest and Google, along with most other search engines. For those people not currently in the market for one of my original pieces of art, I also offer affordable prints through Fine Art America- go to

The paintings I am best known for appeal to the interests of women; narrative scenes that touch the female heart. But my art work is continually evolving, as we all are. I have always explored the unknown, played with the mystery of creation, yet I often find myself wanting to unveil more of myself through paintings of contemporary abstract art. Rather than looking at something and painting it - which I do so often, I want to translate what I am feeling and then transfer those feelings to my canvas. I want to paint my life from the inside out. For all my work, whether its an abstract painting or paintings of flowers, I want the shapes and forms of all my art to have a foreceful presence. I want my thoughtfully chosen palette to be a reflection of energetic colors on my canvas!

And finally, if you are interested in purchasing an original piece, click on my E-Commerce button where I offer easy credit card payment through PayPal. Please look at my FAQ page (on the drop down menu) for any return or shipping concerns you may have.


Thank you for looking!

My  Story